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Decal (Large: 12" x 6.72") & (Small: 7" x 3.92")

Note: Actual Decals are WHITE, they're just shown here in red for viewing purposes. 



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What is Wicked Crown?



Of exceptional quality or degree

Slang . wonderful; great; awesome; masterful; or deeply satisfying


Headgear, worn by Royalty (ex: KING) as a symbol of sovereignty. (Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory.


In Plain Terms:

A Wicked Crown could be the awesome rack on that beautiful white horned, high brow tined, perfectly symmetrical, 150+ Class Typical you have mounted in your living room.

Or, it could be the rack that was on that fat, trashy, double drop tined bruiser that stood forever just behind the trunk of an old twisted tree, wickedly taunting you, never giving you the right lane to pop him. The one that made you hope, wish and pray for just a few more steps and a shot, only to let you watch him as he turned back, waving his tail goodbye, as he headed out of range never to be seen again.

Or, it could even be that knarley old 3 point you dropped because he just needed killin.

Whether it was your first buck or your hundred and first buck, as long as you were proud when it was time for the grip and grin that's all that matters. Either way that's Wicked!

"The King can be Evil and wears a Wicked Crown"

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